worn[BUT NOT]forgotten is old-school art for die-hard fans.

These amazing pieces of art are close-up photographs of perfectly folded & arranged vintage team t-shirts. Artfully done with a retro touch, each piece is a classic design, has a little bit of history in it and uniquely captures sports past & present in a whole new way.

Remember those old t-shirts you once wore sporting the team you’ve stood by through thick and through thin all these years? They were washed countless times, the ink was crackled and they were paper-thin. Those t-shirts may be long gone, but they were your favorite ones.

Now imagine t-shirts just like those folded and stacked on top of each other, arranged perfectly creating a classic design and then brilliantly photographed close-up in fine detail. Voila! A piece of art as old-school and die-hard as you are. There will be no mistaking who your team is. This is art you wear on your wall.

11x14 matted photographs and 20x30 poster prints for sale – each hand-signed by the artist and suitable for framing. Great for the home, the office or as a gift, they’re something different for the fan that has everything. Better yet, they’re just plain cool.

Shop now. Over 350 vintage sports art images to choose from featuring pro & college teams. Find your favorite. Start your collection today.

worn[BUT NOT]forgotten is old-school art for die-hard fans.